New driving stations

Develter driving stations

New range of driving simulators, 100% renewed in 2023.

Truck Evolution Driving Simulator
Car Evolution Driving Simulator
Rehab Evolution Driving Simulator
Rehab Evolution simulator adaptable for a wheelchair
MobilPro Evolution driving simulator

Haptic system

Haptic system developed by DEVELTER

14 configurations and more than 50 settings for better immersion.

The sensory system integrated into the driving simulator offers unrivaled sensations and realism.

Platform driven by Develter

Cylinders controlled by Develter software

We are using D-BOX actuators since many years but to bring even more realism, even more sensations but also more progressiveness, today we control the actuators directly by our software in order to have different movements and sensations in terms of:

  • The way to accelerate
  • The way to brake
  • When ABS is triggered
  • When changing gears
  • When downshifting
  • Feeling of slip point
  • Feeling of stalling
  • Centrifugal force
  • Violence of the collision                               

The integration of the cylinders was carried out without raising the position in order to maintain perfect visibility for the trainees in the room.

Eye tracking

Eye tracking and its educational features

The Tobii and Develter collaboration has made it possible to integrate a wide-angle sensor into the simulator to take into account the 3x 55-inch screens.

This solution makes it possible to both track the position of the head and the pupils with extreme precision.The Develter software has integrated new functionalities to analyze the driver’s observation skills and inattentiveness or sleepiness.

Download the documentation

Thanks to the sensor you can:

  • See where the driver is looking with precision.
  • For how long.
  • Identify information and hazards that have not been taken into account.
  • Have a report by area observed: mirrors, environment, speedometer, touch pad.

A Develter exclusive!

Download the documentation to discover all teh features:    Presentation Gaze & Pupii tracking


The simulator allows you to carry out tests that you could not do on the road, nor to measure the dangerousness of the action.

The application developed, associated with eye tracking, makes it possible to demonstrate risk-taking when the driver is not 100% attentive on the road.

  • Phone
  • Radio
  • GPS

Assessment tests

The tools developed by Develter have made it possible to create tests to precisely measure driving abilities Assessment tests for professional drivers.

  • Assessment tests for professional drivers.
  • Specific evaluation tests for reeducation/rehabilitation:
    • Ergonomics
    • Neuro
    • Tailor-made according to need
  • Evaluation tests for research projects
Tests évaluation